Don’t Stress!

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In recent times there has been a major uptick in Phishing and Social engineering attempts. Unfortunately, one of the major risks is the human factor, that is why these types of Cyber attacks are so common.

Protecting your IT environment is of paramount importance, and by remaining aware of these cyber threats, we can have the best chance of effectively mitigating against them.    

In line with this, we want to ensure that you are armed with the following practical measures in the fight against cyber threats:

  • Stay Vigilant: Recognise common pressure points, especially in times of economic stress, to prevent vulnerability.
  • Beware of emotional cues like urgency or promises of unrealistically high rewards: scammers often try to push people into making quick decisions. Be cautious of anyone who tries to rush you into making financial/investment decisions without giving you time to properly evaluate them.
  • Should you suspect a communication purporting to come from your service provider, please notify the service provider involved immediately and thereafter permanently delete suspicious emails/messages in order to minimise the chances of inadvertent exposure.
  • Always independently verify the source of any requests and do not make payments to unknown entities.
  • Only use secure payment methods and reputable payment apps and avoid methods that are non-refundable or immediate.
  • Never share personal, financial, or confidential information with unsolicited sources.
  • Remember that legitimate investment companies, will only contact you through valid and verifiable methods of communication.
  • Beware of fraudulent communication regarding the winding up of deceased estates. Always ensure that you are dealing with the official executor of the estate.

If you receive anything suspicious or unsure about any communication, feel free to double check with us by sending an email to

Kind Regards,

The Absol Team